Our Identity

The PYM61 identity is inspired by Promethium, which is used in luminous paint, batteries and for measuring the thickness of materials.

Ministry Implementation Strategy

Our purpose is thus to:

-Glow in the “dark”
-Supply “energy” to the weary
-Measure for the “thickness” of His presence

Hence the science themed logo in the colour of Promethium and the red “Y” was added in in the same way that a facilitator would correct a learner’s written work. Promethium also includes the atomic number 61 and our core scripture is the 61st verse of the 61st book in the Bible.

2 Peter 3:18 (NKJV) -

…but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory both now and forever.


The team behind PYM61

We operate in the community in the way that community operates. Our management has an open-door policy. We work, play, laugh and cry together.

Debbie-Ann Dreyer – Founder

Johan Dreyer – Co-founder

Liza Wolfaardt – Director

Lourens Heyns – Director

Chané Hendricks – Life Guide Mentor

Leon van Schoor – Prayer and Caregiver

Meet the team

Photos of PYM61

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Food Hampers
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PYM61_Monthly Meeting_June 2019
Food Hampers
Food Hampers
Food Hampers
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From youth and partners.

  • Work 4 A Living Paarl

    Great feedback for the year PYM61. Well done on the impact you have made into the lives of many. Thank you for the support to W4aL Paarl and we look forward to future growth together and impact into our community.  
  • Bergendal Primary School

    Aan julle lieflike mense by PYM61 wil ek, as prinsipaal, my dank aan julle oordra. Die passie en ywer wat julle uitstraal spreek van onsegbare boekdele. Julle is "heroes". God bless you and your family. Clive Matthee
  • Paarl Gimnasium Primary school

    I am thankfull that I have met Our Life Guide . She supported my son in an amazing way.  He struggled with all the new changes of the year.  He stuggled to connect with the teacher and was very fearful, he cried everyday after school when he got into the car, because he couldn’t handle all the stress.

    When I first met Our Life Guide  at our weekly prayer meeting, I heared she is the life Guide at our school, who is available to work with all learners, teachers and parents.  I mentioned the situation of my son and she immediately made an appointment with him to see him.

    That very same day that Our Life Guide  worked with my son he was another boy.  He got in the car all smiles and so positive, couldn’t stop talking about the day.  He was so excited of all the tips that Our Life Guide  gave him how to handle all his difficult situations.  She the fact that he was so positive about the session he had with her made me excited.  She have a lovely heart and love people. I could see that when all the learners run to her while she walks on the school ground.

    I was also amazed on how she treated me as a parent.  She treated me with respect and gave me straight forward feedback on the outcomes of the session and also guided me on how to handle my son with anxiety.  My experience with Our Life Guide  is only positive and it would be a huge advantage for all the other schools to have a life guide.

    The life guide is at school all the days of school and is intergrated into the school community.  The life guide is able to facilitate the teachers, learners and parents in all areas they needed.  To have a life guide in every school in the long term, will be invaluable.  Teachers have such a strict curriculum that they have to follow and they have to uphold the discipline of 30 plus learners in a class, for that reason it is possible for someone like Our Life Guide  to model Christ like life to the learners in a way that is completely differrent to what is possible for teachers.

    I really commend PYM 61 for this inisiative and which them luck for the future.
  • Paarl Gimnasium Primary school

    Hi, I want to share my awesome experience I had with Our Life Guide  -  The life guide at the school of my daughter.  I was so worried about my little girl that didn’t want fit in with the crowd and she wouldn’t leave me when I drop her off at school in the mornings.  She stuck with me until the bell rings or until we see the Life Guide  around.

    One day the Life Guide  and I spoke about the issue of my daughter and I asked the Life Guide  if she has any advise for me.  I went to see the Life Guide  the following week with the mindset of I’m going to get help for my daughter, never thouhgt that it would turn out like it did.  I am a brand new person.  She didn’t only give me advise to help my daughter but also helped me through my own struggles and led me into the right direction with lots of truth and great advise.

    I was diagnosed with Bipolar depression and saw only dark and difficult moments for the future.  I was negative about life.  Everyone around me gave advice and told me that I do not have to worry about my daughter, because the moment when I am ok, she will be fine.  That was the problem… how do I become ok.  I couldn’t see light.

    The great thing about Our Life Guide  was that she explained everything in such a practical and simple way.  She equiped me with skills that I can use when I’m away from her.  She gave me advice to help my family aswell not only myself.  She also shared the gospel in a practical way. She helped me spiritualy and emosionaly, she guided me through my darkness.

    I am a new person and can see the light.  I am positive and want to live again. I have confidance in myself.  I am thankfull for someone like Our Life Guide , but most of all I am thankfull that the school made a place for a life guide that is part of the school and are also available for the parents and not only restrict to the learners.
  • Orleansvale Primary School

    Our Life Guide  is a humble yet well qualified person, with good relationship skills.  She is very fond of the community and the parents.  She is a very honest person.  What makes our Life Guide  more loved is her unique way of communicating with learners, fellow educators and parents.  She is very comfortable in conversations , especially in meetings and have excellent abilities to switch the negative to positive.  Our Life Guide  is always friendly and ready to help wherever she sees the need. She is part of the reading program of 10 learners, 2 days a week.  She assist in all areas where needed.  She have prayer and Bible sessions during intervals for those who want to be part of it.  Our Life Guide  does counselling on daily basis, depending on learners behaviour in class or on school grounds.  This helps teachers to calm learners who attend to be aggressive.  She is also busy with leadership development that is a big part of learners where they understand their values and don’t miss their mark in life.  She is breaking the barriers wherever she goes.   Networking and making learners aware of the negative side of drugs.  Our Life Guide  also supports in the office with the admin as well as the teachers and she gives Khula a hand where needed. Our Life Guide  is an asset to our School and YES a life guide is definitely a must to all schools.  

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